Petition for Quality Development

The Undersigned Forsyth Citizens respectively request ZA3791 be denied or dismissed as inappropriate!

  1. ZA3791 does not adhere to Forsyth's Future Land Use Plan for this 287 acre tract.
  2. The Land Use Plan's Recommendation for Suburban Living calls for residential districts of RES 2 (18,500 square feet per lot) and RES 3 (14,750 square feet per lot)
  3. The Land Use Plan recognizes that 51% of the 287 total acres are in flood plain / wetlands / waterbodies with fragile plants, vegetation and wildlife, thus the lower intensity zoning of "Suburban Living".
  4. ZA3791 average lot size of 6.949 square feet fails the RES 3 Minimum of 14,750 square feet by 53%!  One third of the 450 lots average 3,000 square feet and fail to meet the RES 3 minimum by 80%.
  5. Over-developing the 142 buildable acres with 450 homes and a 56,000 square foot commercial property with 227 parking spaces will put the fragile Greenway environment at risk of greater flooding and risk its fragile nature.
  6. The 450 proposed homes on average 6,949 square foot lots are not compatible with 1,653 neighboring homes on 23,200 square foot lots designed to reduce hurt & risk to the Greenway's environment.
  7. We request that this application be denied or allowed to withdraw without prejudice given a different developer.
The County must absolutely preserve the Greenway's natural experience
for new generations of Forsyth Citizens.

The Undersigned Citizens ask Forsyth County to consider a Quality Plan that follows the Future Land Use Plan. 

  1. The Undersigned Forsyth Citizens respectively request the 287 acre tract be developed and follow the "Suburban Living Character" designation by the Future Land Use Plan with a "Primary Land Use" of "Residential".  The majority, or all, acreage should be the recommended RES 2 for both compatibility and to minimize the impact of run-off and lawn / yard chemicals onto the 146 acre wetlands portion of the tract along the Greenway and downstream waterways.
  2. The Citizens also request that The Board of Commissioners and County staff vigorously protect the Greenway and its surrounding wetlands from any harm  as this tract  is developed:
    1. All County and State Laws shall be precisely followed by the developer, builders, and residents including accurate field run surveys with one foot Topo (contours), as built documentation, rigorous inspection, and appropriate penalties for failure to comply including loss of zoning on undeveloped land with financial penalties paid to the county to correct lack of compliance.
    2. It is further requested that the Big Creek Greenway Trailhead and Chattahoochee Riverkeeper organizations be invited to provide their oversight to safeguard the Greenway environment via their dedicated experience & commitments! 
    3. An undisturbed buffer 150  feet from the wetland line along the entire 287 acre tract shall cover all zoning on the tract.
    • Note: Items a), b) and c) above shall be included as zoning conditions to any zoning for the 287 acre tract or parts there-of.
  3. The area at the Castleberry Road, Highway 9, and Fowler Park intersection needs to be carefully examined.
    1. Citizens are concerned about food service in that corner as it would significantly increase traffic from Fowler Park crossing Highway 9!
    2. Maybe a leased concession in Fowler with a quality firm would satisfy citizens without causing traffic jams.
    3. Other options could include low rise "green offices" with an undisturbed buffer between "high ground and the wetlands".
    4. Again this is a small area and it should be creatively resolved.

All homes in the 5 surrounding Neighborhoods are within 1 to 1.5 miles of retail stores, and none have asked for a closer retail outlet!

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